Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crystal Head Vodka

This past weekend we had Peanut's Birthday party at a locally restored Bowling Alley "Ghost Alley & Scooter's Club". The place is known to be home to at least two spirits one Charles who was crushed to death in 1948 at the lanes at the tender age of 25, and another of a woman. Of course we were not lucky enough to encounter any "spirits" while we were there, but the guests sure did have a lot of fun.

Sue & Gary Williams owners of Ghost Alley

Even with the beer and wine only sales on Sunday rule, the club side was opened up as well for adult guests that just needed a moment to sneak in and find a little distraction from the squeals of 30 chocolate induced excited 7-9 year olds. I popped in to check on them and I happened to spot clear right away a gorgeous little glass skull bottle nestled in the middle of their vodka shelf... I LOVE IT... Crystal Head Vodka I need a whole collection of these little treasures... while I could not sample it at the party due to the no sales on Sunday rule, I have managed to research and find a local market about 30 minutes away that distribute. I plan on making a trip over later in the week. I love the story behind the manufacturing of the vodka. almost as much as I love the history of the Bowling Alley.

Thank you to the Williams family for helping to make Peanut's 9th Birthday a huge success!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time keeps on ticking....

The past few weeks have come and gone so quickly that I can hardly believe that my wee lass will be embarking upon our last "single" digit year in just a few days... even harder to believe her older brother will be graduating from High School in just under 3 months... where has the time gone? I feel like I have been catapulted from Halloween into straight Chaos.From Christmas, New Years, School fundraisers, a complete school change for Elaina (into a much better Autistic program I might add), to planning her birthday, a baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, Easter and graduation all within the next 9 weeks... urgh

As I have shared before sweet Peanut has chosen a discontinued birthday theme Disney/Pixar's "Wall-E". So, aside from the internet we had to get a little creative this year with the lack of available trinkets in the store. The party will take place at a local bowling alley this year. They will dim the lights, turn on the black lights and the kids will have a "cosmic" event. It is actually one of the oldest bowling lanes in our area. Instead of the balls popping back up from under the floor, you can watch as they come speeding back down towards you. Personally I am a little biased to the name "Ghost Alley" where else would a Halloween Fanatic like myself book a 9 yer old's birthday party???

So the party favor boxes are complete. Two different sets, one for the little girls (white box) and one for the little boys (blue box). All of the boxes have the same items in them all inspired from the movie itself. We have a Wall-E puzzle that I completely fell into by accident to a local visit to the Dollar Store in my area, a bottle of bubbles that have been renamed "Elaina's Galactic Bubble Liquid- for out of this world fun", a magic cube, flower pot with seeds, a Twinkie with fake Hank roach, ring pop ( to simulate the diamond ring Wall-E tosses over his shoulder in the movie), Wall-E pencil, a couple of silly straws (because the humans drink out of straws on the Axiom) and a mini pinwheel, a copy of the movie soundtrack with a custom CD label thanking party guest for coming, and a custom bookmark. Each box has a mask, EVE for the girls, Wall-E glasses for the boys, and the girls also get a little custom made bracelet.

I had intended on tucking all of the party loot into those little disposable white Styrofoam bait coolers, but I just couldn't find them reasonably priced in my area yet. It would have been a play on the little red and white igloo style cooler Wall-E carries around on his back. Instead we ended up with plastic over sized oriental carryout containers, not a bad second choice since I am quite sure there are literally millions of them in landfills across the world.

Lastly, a photo or two of the wee Birthday Lass herself. We had a professional photo shoot last weekend to mark her Birthday... Thank you to Jessica's Magical Memories
and PlayPatch
for the fantastic custom outfits for the event.