Friday, September 21, 2012

wicKED Blog Giveaway

 Then scurry your little skelley fingers over to
 There is one super fantastic giveaway going on over there. 3 Different Prize packs, multiple chances for entries. While you are over there you just might find some wicKED inspiration and pick up a few new blogger friends.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lonley Pumpkins and a Skull

Our Local Target has begun the annual transformation of the back of the store. I am hoping that by the weekend it will be completely transformed. I love the Tree Cutouts that are on the isle end caps and the iron fencing accents. Of course, those are not for sale. Poor little pumpkins are all alone. 

I almost came home with this guy. He needs a crown... then he would be an All Together Dead skull. He is very large (hence the price tag) and the clearance back packs in the photo do not do him justice.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cleaning to tear apart.

So today is Friday. In my house.. it is ritual cleaning day. Spouse was raised by his mother and two older sisters and well lets just say... he is one mean cleaning machine. It is also the beginning of his one day off a week most weeks and he likes to have everything "in order" as quickly as possible. My son teases him and says that his father has CDO which is really undiagnosed OCD but son says that his father has CDO because he has to put his own disorder in alphabetical order.

So today in like 4 minutes as long as it will take me to finish this post we will begin the ritual, everything in its place that has a place.. however today is a twist, as we tidy up I will be packing up to begin the interior house transformation. I pulled several goodies and boxes down out of the attic and they are lined in the family room today... Super excited. Starting again with the China Hutch, it really is my favorite transformation I say every year I am going to leave it all year... maybe this will be the first.

Oh and side note... the powder room I spoke about almost 2 years ago.. finally got its first coat of paint. Looks pretty fantastic, hoping to finish it up this week too!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Alive!

Two words, so many different translations.

Infamously tied to one of the best creature flicks of all time Frankenstein. "It's Alive!" but for today, it is simply the coming out of dormancy of me and the All Together Dead Blog. Appreciation to non other than the Frog Queen herself.

Self admittedly I lurk, a lot. It seems like most days that is all I can manage to do is squeeze in some lurking. Between advocating for the Autistic community, my very own 11 year old, leading an international Scentsy Sales Team,  prop building, social media, 3 boxers, and a son that just entered the Air Force the blog was well for lack of anything better getting decrepit. Under any other circumstance a good thing. Unless you are a fan or reader, and in that case no excuse is acceptable and  I apologize form my leave of absence. 

So today, The Frog Queen protested her love of all things pumpkin... to which of course I know I am a HUGE fan as well, and she graced my website and selected a couple of  new Scentsy warmer additions for her collection and then was even kinder to tell the world about it.  

Today the little 3 piece Mid Size Pumpkin warmer is available 

or if you prefer while supplies last the cute little retired warmer "JACK" plug in  from last season

or maybe "Whoot" the Owl that glows when lit.

or perhaps "Tilia" that showcases the stark beauty of a tree in winter.

Or maybe, just maybe  you would like something a little more on the "frightful side" in that case beginning Saturday September 15th, check back to the website to purchase this years new additions to the collection -Our Tribute to Frankenstein himself with It's Alive,the "All Hallows" Jack o Lantern" Sillhouette warmer, The adorable little "Fright Night" bat themed plug in or the brand new "Ghouls & Ghosts" warmer. 

Scentsy warmers are a safe alternative to traditional candles, they are safe enough to leave on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The operate on a low watt bulb system and without wax they are the equivalent of a nightlight in your home. Pair them with one of our 80+ Scentsy Wax fragrances and they will sent your home magnificently.

Scentsy warmers also have a lifetime warranty on the mechanics. The wax is FDA approved and you do not need to worry about poison control or late night trips to the ER if little ones or pets get into the wax. Scentsy is a buy, host,join company and you can learn more at


Sunday, January 15, 2012


The costume and makeup of the blind witch from the translation of "Hansel & Gretel" on "Once Upon a Time" today... LOVED LOVED it....