Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Emmy Awards gift swag bag.

NOTE: If you are a Scentsy Consultant please do not leave a comment asking my readers to purchase from you as it is against Scentsy P&P especially since the owner of this particular blog is a Scentsy Consultant.

The Scentsy Buddy was found in the gift swag bag given out at the 2010 Emmy Awards party which was held in the Tic Tac Luxury Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel. The Scentsy Buddy is a new product from wickless candle maker Scentsy. Emmy award winners, Emmy nominees, stars and celebrities had first glimpse of the Scentsy Buddy even before it is available through local sales consultants beginning September 1, 2010.

Scentsy Buddies will be available area through local Scentsy sales consultant Amy Satina-Morrison beginning September 1, 2010. We will soon find out which Emmy Award winners, Emmy Award Nominees, stars and celebrities picked up their very own Scentsy Buddy from the Tic Tac Luxury Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel.

The Scentsy Buddy is a safe, non toxic and easy way to bring home fragrance into the play areas and bedrooms of small children ages three and up. The Scentsy Buddy will be a small, stuffed animal that can hold any one of Scentsy's scent paks, which contain food grade scent beads, and fill the room with a fragrant scent. Each buddy is a little under 18 inches from top to bottom and is made with a tear free fabric.

Children and adults alike will love the sweet scents that Scentsy Buddies will offer such as Berry Blush, Havana Cabana, Satin Sheets, Black Raspberry, Vanilla Hemingway, Sunkissed Citrus, Camu Camu, Mochadoodle, Sweet Pea and Vanilla, Cucumber Lime, Perfectly Pomegranate, Vanilla Cream, French Lavender, Pima Cotton and Vanilla Suede. Now that Scentsy Buddies will be getting noticed by Celebrities, it should be interesting to watch the popularity of the brand grow. Which celebrity children will have a Scentsy Buddy in his or her playroom?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Only 2 more days until somebody WINS.

To enter my first Give-A-Way of the year...I can hardly believe the lack of interest in a FREE item... but then again... going to make it VERY VERY easy for someone to win....

For details find the contest HERE.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look what I found today.....

If you haven't already tried this product RUN to your local Dollar Tree and buy a box.. yes, that is right I said the Dollar Tree... only a buck for a box of 5... sometimes you can find the boxes of 10 in your local grocery store too. I was perusing yesterday to see what new Halloween goodies they will be stocking this year and when I rounded the corner there they were... Alpine Spiced Apple Cider drink mixes.

I bought a ton of these last year and made up a large beverage pot of it and kept it warm by candlelight. You just simply add one mix to 1 cup of hot water. I used the recipe on the back of the box to make the Warm Carmel Apple Drink and had bottles of Caramel Sundae Topping, Whipped Cream and Butterscotch Schnapps to add to the drink. I also had large cinnamon sticks to use for stirring. YUMMO.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making PVC Candles

While browsing through the local post this am I came across a Lowe's store advert. Something on the front cover caught my eye. Instantly I thought to myself... I bet I could make that for Halloween for less than half the retail cost... so I quickly reverted to my office to start rummaging through my saved tutorials until I found this one. Quite a gem from JimmyZDC also known as Phantom Hollow over at a Halloween Forum I haunt. It is for making faux candles from PVC. Keep in mind this doesn't cover the making of the actual base and or support to hang it and for those of you with less enthusiasm that I.. you can always just go to Lowe's and buy a finished product!

According to JimmyZDC You will need the following:

Parts List:

~ 1 1/2" PVC Pipe - Full length 8-10 ft pipes
~ Great Stuff Insulation Filler - Link
~ LED Tea Lights - Pic
~ Hot Glue
~ Hot Glue Gun - Pic
~ 1 1/2" Forstner Drill Bit (or whats the size of your tea lights are) - Link - Pic
~ Rustoleum Painters Touch Spray Paint (Heirloom White - Satin) - Link


1. Cut your long PVC pipe to your desired lengths. I used a chop saw (Pic) but if you don't have that then you can use a hacksaw. I went in 2 inch increments (12", 10", 8"...etc.). I also tried to cut them a little taller or shorter than each one of the those increments so each candle looked to be a unique size.

2. Place the pipes upright on a hard surface. Make sure you cover the surface with some type of material since the foam insulation will come in contact with it. I just put down some painter's paper on my garage floor and set the pipe on top of that.

3. Fill the pipes with Great Stuff Insulation Foam. I usually filled mine about 1/2" from the top since it expands.

4. Let the foam dry completely. I filled mine up at night and then worked on them the next day.

5. Cut off the foam so it is even with the pipe. I came back with chop saw to trim it off or I found you can just slice it off with a hacksaw as well.

6. Use you forstner bit to trim down the foam inside the pipe to the desired height you want the tealight to sit. I found that putting the drill in high speed mode rather than high torque works best. Drill slowly so the bit cleanly slices away the foam. If you go to fast the bit just rips out chunks.

7. Once you have the pipes drilled out it's time to apply the hot glue. I found that using a high temp hot glue gun works the best. Since the gun is high temp the glue becomes very runny and creates nice drips. Just work around the pipe and going in multiple layers seems to give a nice effect. Another thing I found out through the whole process is try to make a nice long drip right over the printing on the pipe. When you paint it it will help in covering up the printing.

8. After the glue is dry you are ready for paint. If the printing on the pipe is showing you can try to remove it by sanding it off or using nail polish remover to take it off. Spray the candles in nice smooth strokes making sure you get all the nooks and crannies around the drips. It took me 2-3 coats to get the printing on the pipe to not show through.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

While searching for inspiration

I came across several very unique ideas for invitations to our Haunt. One of the front runners was the severed finger/toe. If you too are looking for a unique invitation style, perhaps this will help. You can download the template for this adorable little coffin box at Free Digital Scrapbooking using this Coffin Template. It suggests printing on white cardstock, but personally I think that I would print it on black cardstock like the photo shown here. I really like the detail that Kerrie Gurney used and the attention to detail with her severed fingers. I did creatively borrow the "crushed leaves" idea for my invites this year.

Bring on the Vampires

Say what you want to say I am squealing with excitement over the new Rolling Stone cover shot showing the very bloody and sexy naked and might I add YUMMY Alexaander Skarsgard alongside Anna Paquin, & Stephen Moyer the stars from the HBO series True Blood.

Crazy that this cover has drawn so much controversy from disgust to delight and even refusal to stock the magazine in some locations.

Love it or hate it, one has to agree that it has sparked a huge moral debate. Bottom line it is entertainment. With all entertainment you have the choice to participate or turn your channel. Personally I am all for the romance and primal portrayal of Vampires over the years, but I am really glad they have evolved on this series. I sit on the edge of my seat with anticipation, start watching 15 minutes in so I can fast forward the commercials, and curse the screen when the final moments of the episode air for that week.... very angry that I have to wait 7 more days for the next episode to air.

The series has very much expanded it's poetic liscense and has stretched the reality of the actual books by Charlaine Harris -Sookie Stackhouse series of books. But I am not complaining.

I am doing a Giveaway.....

over on my facebook page. It has been running since the 16th of August. I thought I would open it up to my blog followers and then some. Simply add me to your list of friends on facebook and then follow the rules of the contest listed below....

For those following ALLTOGETHERDEAD you can earn an extra chance or two if you blog about this contest on your page and then leave a comment here with the link to your blog post. (Can you tell I would really like someone from here to win?) GASP did I actually just type that?

Good luck and if you are like me you are just DYING to see who will win this one!

It's a Amy SCENTSY Giveaway!

up for grabs a FREE SCENTSY PLUG IN warmer of your choice.

Contest now through 8/31/10
Winning Plug In will be ordered on September 1st, 2010


1. Copy and Paste this contest on your facebook page.
2. Post a photo comment under the plug in of your choice under my PLUG IN Album on my facebook page.
3. Invite your facebook circle to add me and join in the contest. (make sure they mention you referred them)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trying my luck again....

Over at Octoberfarm this week. She has had a series of Spellbook Giveaways over the past few weeks. I haven't been lucky enough to win one of them yet, but a girl can wish can't she.

If you haven't already introduced yourself to her... you should jet on over and do so. She has the most amazing thrift store finds (even better when she transforms many of them into wonderful giveaways, or priceless treasures). Today she posted about a double find... a Crystal Ball and a Broom all in the same day... I couldn't imagine being so lucky in one of our local thrift stores, I think I would pass out on the spot....

photo credit Octoberfarm.

I have added a few tufts of twig....

to the broom and am heading over to Haunt Jaunts Halloween Blog Party. I have to agree with the Frog Queen that virtual adult beverages and party fare food just are not the same, but from what I can tell by the limited teaser that Courtney has put out about the event... the party favors are going to be TO DIE FOR!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The scent of fall......

is in the house today.... Warmer Montpelier- a soft interpretation of falling autumn leaves and scent Warm Maple Butter arrived about an hour ago. The wax is l \ightly sweetened Vermont maple syrup swirled with whipped butter, earthy pumpkin and warm, autumnal spices. I know this scent is going to be a favorite it many homes across the country.

Montpelier and Maple Butter will be available for purchase beginning September 1, 2010 at a 10% discount. Which helps to offset the cost of shipping and that dreaded thing called tax that the government forces upon us so that they can enjoy your products just as much as you will.

Montpelier Scentsy Warmer $30 $27

Maple Butter Scentsy Bar $5 $4.50

Maple Butter Hanging Freshener $3 $2.70

Maple Butter Room Spray $8 $7.20

Maple Butter Scentsy Brick $20 $18

Scentsy products are a safe alternative to traditional candles. They can be left on 24 hours a day. The wax melts at a safe just above body temperature heat melted from a low watt bulb. If you haven't tried us yet you are really missing out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have finally....

found my inspiration for this years Halloween Invitation. No, it is not the absolutely beautiful display of initial pumpkins shown above it is instead from one of the least likely sources... too early to share with you just now but I will tell you it involves a mirror, matches and a whole lot of time... now doesn't that just spark your curiosity?

The venue is still up in the air this year. Prospects on the table are a lovely Tudor Century home, a park like picturesque setting in the Valley, or an old abandoned warehouse....

With a possible move during the Hollow month, it just isn't practical to have a shindig here... or at the new location... which has taken us in a different direction from the Mad Hatter event... little smaller scale with some intricate attention to detail.

stay tuned...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Did you miss me?

Ok, so this particular gal has been missing in action for quite a while. My apologies to my friends, followers, lurkers and minons. As usual the Morrison household just can't sit still long enough for me to devote the time and energy to provide a quality update....So.. here, now, today in the midst of 84 and sunny with a huge blanket of humidity I find myself hiding out in the office trying to catch up on as much as possible and I have finally made it down the "to do" list to cross off UPDATE YOUR BLOG NUMPTY!

OK, OK... I hear you all... the boring details of my life are not the reason you have scurried your busy little fingers over to my page, admit it, the photo above has you CAPTIVATED.....Trust me, meeeeee tooooo.... What is this little treasure you ask? It is the new HAUNTED TREE flameless scent warmer that is available for pre-orders now but will not be available to ship until after September 15th... just in time for your haunted bliss. There are over 80 different scents of food grade wax to choose from and the warmers run off of low watt bulbs melting at just above body temperature making them safe for small sproglets and pets. You can leave these little treasures on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the scent will eventually dissipate out of the wax, but it remains in the burner until you change it out.

Yes, for those of you scouring over the photo there is a pumpkin one in the background as well, JACK... a nice little carved punkin'head....and there will be a mini pumpkin plug in too.....Yes I said plug in, AKA nightlight, only bigger.... The best bonus your home will smell absolutely wondeful without adding heat to your home.

for more information on the current line you can visit my SCENTSY website... keep in mind you won't find the little holiday treasures on there yet...