Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You can never have to many.....

Silver Bullets this time of year

First Gather your supplies. I used a Brite touch basic primer and purchased a $2 can of Metallic silver spray paint from the Dollar General Store.

Next get everyone standing at attention on top of some cardboard (if you want you can even dab a drop of hot glue to hold them in place if you have a lightweight).

Give them all a quick coat of primer. Then let them dry for about 30 minutes.

Then give them a good coat all the way around with your metallic spray.

Now Bring on the Werewolves

Teeny Tiny Nail Dremmel at the Dollar Tree

Found this wee treasure last night at the Dollar Tree.. yes that is right $1

I haven't had a chance to really work with it yet, it is not the strongest little tool in the box, as it runs off of just one AA battery but I think for smaller foam projects or fine detailing tombstone art it will work just nicely for $1.

I may just go back and get a few more, knowing my luck I will get used to using it for certain projects and then it will poop out on me and I will be devastated because I will not find another one because I in fact found it originally for only $1 at yes, of course.. the Dollar Tree.

It is really supposed to be for your finger I guess you could actually use it for something other than Halloween too if you like... but seriously? who does that sort of thing this time of year?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today I am working on....

the final project for my Halloween Invitations....

but if I tell you what exactly that is it is Oliver might have to rub you out...

shhhh it's still a secret.

Oliver wanted me to let you know.

That in fact he is the true Blog Administrator not myself.

He is in fact the final say, the big Meow. Mr. Official All Together Dead... in case you were wondering. He sees all, knows all, approves all.

He just added you can just refer to him as "Kitty Halloween" if all else fails.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Test Run on the Candy Buffet

Ok, so this is just a miniature version. Yes I know, it is very plain, but I just couldn't stand all of these little jars that I have begun to acquire sitting on the bar starring at me empty any longer. So I caved and ran out and bought a handful of candy to "test run" a small sample of what I am wanting to put together for the big event. A kiosk of an idea if you will. I even plan to decorate the majority of the jars with accents, ribbon and maybe even hand paint one or two of them if I can manage to find the time before the party.

Now I don't know what is worse the feeling I got walking by the empty jars over the past few weeks, or the urge not to devour every ounce of pure sugar delight that is screaming my name every time I walk past....

I need to make some creative labels for these too... can not have an unlabeled potion or candy jar in this witches house. It would be a sin. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is Official

You can now order your holiday Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmers. Click here to order Fright Night. When turned on this low watt electric warmer has a wickedly haunting full moon glow!


Or for those that prefer more traditional and whimsical we have Jack.
Or his little seed JACK PLUG IN size counterpart

Or lastly for those of you with a very traditional decorating style, we have PLYMOUTH.

Combination packs are also available with coordinating holiday wax scents such as Pumpkin Roll, Autumn Sunset, Toasted Caramel Sugar, Sentimental Cider, Welcome Home & More. For more information or to shop online visit Scentsy.

Friday, September 10, 2010


As soon as I started selling Scentsy products I swore I would never burn another candle again. While this may be true, I couldn't pass up this black elegant candelabra today. Covered in wax, a sign that it served its former owner well, this treasure was sitting on an upper shelf collecting dusts at one of my favorite thrift store haunts... All for the price of $2.00, it will make a lovely addition to the All Together Dead house... now to decide what color tappers to put in it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The End of the Hoarder Sale finds

A set of 3 painted wooden pumpkins were new in the box. The beaded wreath still has the tag attached. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but they look nice on the end of the bar right now...

Cute little vintage Bar lamp, has a couple of boo-boo's but I think I can fix them up when I get some spare time. It makes a nice night light on the opposite end of the bar.

One large tote and one large box filled to the rim with trinket kid items, I will pull about 200 pieces out for trick or treat night and then donate the rest to Peanut's school to use for trinket prizes for the kids.

A basket full of hair accessories for the wee miss and a box of floral acorns for a fall wreath.

An entire case (12) of these great Tuscan candle holders. The bottom opens up for a tealight. I think I am going to "age" these and hang them from the back tree.

An entire box of red maple silk leaves. You can never have too many fake leaves around right?

Ok So that is it, that is my entire Hoarder sale pay load... and for the grand finale... how much did I spend????? Drum roll please.... $40 . It was a good day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I also found

some fantastic serving pieces for my food and candy buffets.
All of the silver and copper pieces are brand new and were still in their boxes.

This is a close up of a set of 7 black glass bowls that I found. I plan on using them on the candy buffet table. They have a really neat pattern to them, reminded me of straw. The little lady bug is perched on top of silver tarnished mirror top cake stand that is 15" in diameter. Miss bug will become part of My nieces bow on her Birthday gift next month.. her nic name is Ladybug. There is also a small glass candy jar behind Miss bug.. hard to see.

This is a beautiful copper 2 qt. serving piece. Inside there is a glass pyrex dish.
Very ornate attention to detail.

I picked up two of these 3 qt. Serving stands. Like the oval they also have glass pyrex dishes inside of them. They are taller, silver plated. Notice the two crystals hanging. Both came with complete sets to dangle all the way around them. I am not sure If I will use them or not this year. The cake stand matches the design on these, sadly the crystals were missing for it.

Lastly in this set I found this really great ceramic pitcher. It is filled with floral foam so I can only imagine at some point it was filled with plastic flowers like you would find at your grandmothers house. I do plan on cleaning it up, giving it a new coat of paint and putting my own decrepit floral arrangement in it. I might even put my signature skull logo on the center of the front...

In the top photo this pitcher is sitting in the last of the silver serving pieces. It is a 1 qt. baker with sliver stand. It was missing the top cover, but I couldn't leave it all alone.

You can also see the silver platter in the top photo. All in all a good group of items. And yes, there is still more to tell you about... muhahhaahhahhah

Hoarder Estate Sale

I stumbled upon an estate sale that was worthy of the show featured on A&E called Hoarders. The only difference is that there wasn't the filth, trash, and what not. It was just a simple case of a shop-a-holic hoarder.

I kid you not, she must have purchased at least 10 of everything. Tons of items stacked up in unopened boxes ordered from QVC in multiples. Piles in every room that were taller than me in some cases. Bags upon bags of items that were purchased and never taken out of the bags. There was so much it was impossible to go through everything. Some of the treasures I found....

A Trio of witches

I think I will call this one Stella

An entire table full of Halloween Loot

One witch cookie cutter
2 chocolate candy molds
5 packages of mini pumpkin lights
12 strands of fall colored beaded stems for a wreath
2 packages of glow in the dark ants
a package of glow in the dark spiders
a tree votive candle holder glass
a witch votive candle holder glass
A large and A small spider/web metal decoration
4 metal wire pumpkin decorations

6 packages of silk fall colored leaves & 3 packages of ceramic tapper candle accents...

And this is just the beginning...

Custome Witch Potion Labels

Are available for your Halloween decorating.
Check out ebay seller auctions*by*amy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and I thoguht I was a true Munster Fan....

Above photo is from 1964 a shot of the Munster House. I remember sprawling out on the living room floor with my uncle who was just a few years older than me at my grandmother's house glued to the TV everytime the show was on. Craig and I would bet on things we thought we would see in the upcoming episode. How many times would they show Spot the Dragon was one of our favorite.

In the days before video taping, DVD's and pausing live television we used to run and fight over the bathroom during commercial breaks so we wouldn't miss an ounce of entertainment. I remember being so angry once because my older brother had a band competition we attended and I missed an episode. I was furious. I didn't speak to my parents for 3 days. Unlike today where we can record and watch later, or even have repeat episodes at almost any given time of the night. Such trivial things that my children will never have to worry about.

I thought Eddie Munster (played by Butch Patrick) was dreamy. I was most certainly sure I was going to grow up marry him and together we would care for Spot. Overall I thought I was a pretty loyal fan... until today... today I came across a Youtube video today of a full replica Munster Mansion that Sandra McKee and her husband have built and maintain in Texas.

Down to the detail an electric chair in the living room, Grandpa's dungeon, the haunted tree in the front yard, the kitchen and Eddie's room with a secret door. I LOVE IT. Wish I lived closer, I would camp out in line to tour it when they open it around Halloween Night.

Restored today Munster House at Universal Studios

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's so close I can smell it.

The Scentsy 2010 Holiday Line is available for preview and pre-order. I am taking orders now through September 14th. The first order will go in on the 15th. Payment needs to be made at the time you place your order either by Cash, Check, or CC. I don't know about you but I can hardly wait to get my Haunted Tree warmer!

Some favorite fall scents are Pumpkin Roll, Autumn Sunset, Cinnamon Cider, Just Peachy Ginger, Welcome Home, Toasted Caramel Sugar, Cinnamon Vanilla and more...with over 80 scents to choose from there is something for everyone and the warmers carry a lifetime warranty on the mechanics.

You can comment this post with your order and I will contact you to make payment arrangements or you can message me through the website.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures

While perusing my favorite thrift store today I came across a few handy was green and blue tag half off day... so for me a DOUBLE SCORE! I found 3 items in particular, the first a sterling stand I originally thought I would give this little guy an instant black coat of paint when I spotted him down the isle, but after picking it up and seeing the ornate pattern on the top I think I will just leave it alone. I can see a nice black glittery skull atop him in no time. And yes, you are correct the price on the bottom says $.60 but since it was half off day that little stand cost me a mere $.30 today.

The second item is a little 1970's 6 jar spice rack. This item will in fact get a nice coat of black paint on the wood and lids, and a nice set of witch labels added to the jars. And some nifty items inside. Price tag $1.50, half price $.75 today!

Lastly this brilliant Silver ornate cross with a faux amythest stone in the center... I might try to pluck that stone off and clean it up a bit then again I might leave it alone. It will make a nice addition to either my costume or one of my displays. I can almost vison it inside of a "Creature Survival Kit" .... hint... hint.... This item was $5.00 WELL worth it.

So there you have it for $6.05 my deals of the day... I couldn't be more pleased.

And the winner is.....

For those of you just sitting on the edge of your seat with Anticipation... the winner of the Scentsy Plug in Warmer is Barb Juhasz. A faithful facebook follower and contest entrant... Her name was selected by none other than Miss Peanut out of only 24 entrants... Congrats to Miss Barb... and her warmer of choice Rustic Star.