Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's cookie time...

Girl Scout cookie time to be exact. My phone started ringing Friday from little Brownies, and scout sproglets belonging to friends of mine from across the country happily soliciting to my inner sugar monster. Now I don't' know about you or not, but I can say we buy our share of those tasty little treasures so that we can store enough boxes in our deep freezer to get us through until the next sale.

When the phone rang on Friday night that was the Que that it was safe to remove the last box of Samoa's from their icy cold slumber in the deep freezer. The hardest part waiting for them to reach room temperature to fully enjoy the soft caramel wrapped toasted coconut goodness they had to offer.

So, now that the last box has been tampered with, the orders have been placed, we have now entered the "wait" stage for the colorful little boxes filled with sugar intoxication to arrive. Not good enough for my teenager who is having Thin Mint withdrawl I went trolling this am for a "knock off" recipe. I found this great little blog titled BAKING BITES to whip up a small batch of my son's favorite scout treasure while we wait for the orders to come in some time around the end of February. Scroll down about halfway through and you will see additional recipes for home made Samoa's, Tagalongs, Do-si-do's and the thin mint cookies. Surely something for just about anyone in the same predicament as us!

Happy Baking!
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