Friday, November 5, 2010

Picking out Paint

Is one of my least favorite things... but none the less... it has to be done....I think I am spending way too much time in the Powder Room right now... However, notice the scroll in the corner? It is one of those adheasive decoration kits. This one is a 46" Skeleton from Target, Clearance price $3.48 yesterday regular $14.99

RUN to Target... RUN.

As far as the paint goes I know I want a light smokey gray on the top and a charcoal to black on the bottom... the problem, do I want earth tones, navy tones, or no tones in the coloring? Not fun picking out the paint but fun names like "Black Magic" , "Essence", "Tombstone". Names on the short list, color... not so much... looks like Mark Twain Historic colors are the front runners... WHAT a shame....

those would be the 3 tier swatches closest to the toilet.... The top one on the back sheet and the top one on the front sheet.... I don't know... What do you think?

Back to the Powder Room to Ponder....At least I will have company in there with "Bones" to talk to... maybe I will get lucky and he will choose the color.


Ghoul Friday said...

Sadly, I would have to run REALLY far to get to a Target. There's rumours they might come to Canada but no locations just yet.

I say go with the grey that's with the dark swatch. A slightly lighter grey will balance out the darker charcoal on the bottom.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

If he does choose the color for got smokin' deal on him :D

Good luck with your project!