Sunday, January 9, 2011

Halloween Classifieds

Ron Hanak had a dream, a dream many Home Haunters share... a Craigslist environment of all things Halloween... His vision is now a reality.

Halloween Overload

What exactly is Halloween Overload? A site for haunters wishing to buy, sell, or trade props, decor and creations needing to find a new home. Personally I know I need to sort and go through my things and decide exactly what I am going to part with sooner, than later, especially after the move, when I am turning my focus more towards outside vs. inside.

It will only take about a minute or so of your time to complete the registration. I found out after the fact that there is a monthly T-Shirt giveaway to everyone that registers during that month. So bounce on over there and get registered, get your chance to win that T-shirt and maybe list a few items or buy a few items.. but most of all.. SPREAD the word!

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