Friday, September 14, 2012

Cleaning to tear apart.

So today is Friday. In my house.. it is ritual cleaning day. Spouse was raised by his mother and two older sisters and well lets just say... he is one mean cleaning machine. It is also the beginning of his one day off a week most weeks and he likes to have everything "in order" as quickly as possible. My son teases him and says that his father has CDO which is really undiagnosed OCD but son says that his father has CDO because he has to put his own disorder in alphabetical order.

So today in like 4 minutes as long as it will take me to finish this post we will begin the ritual, everything in its place that has a place.. however today is a twist, as we tidy up I will be packing up to begin the interior house transformation. I pulled several goodies and boxes down out of the attic and they are lined in the family room today... Super excited. Starting again with the China Hutch, it really is my favorite transformation I say every year I am going to leave it all year... maybe this will be the first.

Oh and side note... the powder room I spoke about almost 2 years ago.. finally got its first coat of paint. Looks pretty fantastic, hoping to finish it up this week too!

Happy Friday

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