Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creeping to the Finish Line

So I spent a few hours this evening working on the shelves for my witch kitchen. I ended up at a screeching halt when I ran out of black paper. I did however manage to get the rest of the cardboard applied to all of the shelves minus the back because I found it easier to cover the back cardboard with black paper on both sides before it is attached to the shelving unit, learning lesson from the first shelf. After I run out for more black paper on Friday, I will have them all wrapped up ready for paint the next day we have. Fall has come and hit fast with overcast, high humidity, rainy weather in Ohio.

Meet Louise... she has been hanging on my kitchen light fixture for about 2 months now, she has been my "inspiration" for this years "Season of the Witch" party... when I finish the shelves she is going to get a wardrobe makeover, and move a little more creepy for the dark holiday.

If you have a Pat Catan's craft store, RUN don't walk they have this sign and another that says "Trick or Treat" they are almost 30" wide and about 7 inches tall, wooden and retail for only $2.97 each! Perfect for decorating or as thank you gifts for some of your "Best Witches"

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