Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It is officially Candy Corn Season

Bought my first bag of those tempting little bits of sugary pleasure last week and forgot about them... however today I have managed to gorge myself on them within the first 10 minutes of finding them stashed away. I am not a huge fan of candy corn, only one day the season is good enough for me. I usually end up tossing out the bag or putting the rest in a storage baggie with the intention of using them to decorate cupcakes for one of the sproglets school events. Unfortunately I more often forget about the rest of them. This year, I have found a new use for the rest of those lil' buggas... boxer treats... here is Dempsey's reaction to his first little candy corn... he licked it for an hour, it wasn't until Lola tried to take it from him that he actually ate it... I guess he was trying to figure out how many licks to the center of it......

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