Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We interrupt your Halloween Party planning....

To announce the upcoming birthday festivities in our home... My sweet Elaina Mae, aka "Peanut" will be 9 in just a few weeks, and once again she has chosen a discontinued party theme Disney's Wall-e. I spent last weekend trolling the web for ideas and finally settled on a scrapbook type design. about 6 hours later, the invites are done... step one down... now to work on party favors.

Invites are a 4 layer cardstock consisting of a heavy burlap look, black glitter, yellow polk a dot, and white shiny, stuck together in the corner with brads... (after making 40 of these invites can I say I NEVER want to see another brad as long as I live). An accent of star garland, some washers and a 3 dimensional Wall-e sticker or two and they are complete. Postage $2.11 each.... sigh... what can I say I heart this little girl.

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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

You do know you are a genius right? Those are amazing...and only 6 hours?!?!? I am beyond impressed!!!