Thursday, December 2, 2010

I think I am on...

some kind of crazy energy boost. Call it a fire lit underneath my broom or an internal panic that if I don't get it done another holiday is going to be gone before I know it. I managed to get a second tree up in the mud room last night.

If you look closely you will notice that all of the stemware hanging all have signature Halloween tags on them... And my prized possessions my hand painted web and witch stocking glasses. They stay out all year. And yes, I use them all year too!

This one, to appease the sprog-lets and my co-maker of the sprog-lets is much more "traditional". In color, style and decoration choice. I wasn't going for a theme other than ice blue and white, but I realized after it was done, it in fact has a wee bit of a theme.

Yes I am sadly aware that the bottom of the wine cabinet is empty. I am all out of reds at the moment. Hold on let me rephrase, I am all out of reds that I am willing to have on display to share at the moment...( I know that is very stingy of me)
Nothing my trip to my favorite winery in the area will not cure over the weekend.

A not so flattering night shot. I really couldn't get a good shot as my current "it must have more lights than the Times Square ball that drops on New Year's Eve" syndrome.

Stars, Sticks & Sparkle adorn the top of this little treasure.

Here is the heart of this tree. Not tucked in the middle, not on the right side, but none the less she is the focus. Her gown is made from thick paper that has been folded, wrinkled, pressed, and repeated over and over again to give the feel of fabric. Nestled in her grasp our my first daughters Tiny 20 weeker footprints.
Miss Gabrielle Elizabeth is celebrating her 12th Christmas in Heaven this year.
Angel wings for a tiny Angel Baby.

A partridge without her pear tree.

There are a lot of "wings" in this tree. Hummingbirds, Doves, Angel Wings, Dragonflies, and this lovely Feathered Swan. Very graceful and dainty.. Every year I pull her out of her resting box I am delightfully tickled that she has weathered another year.

No tree would be complete without a hooter or two. This little guy is only about 2 inches tall and perched with a watchful set of eyes. Might I just add too that I LOVED owls long before the Potter series elevated their appeal. I guess I could convince myself this is a Halloween decoration on a Christmas Tree. Even if him is snow white and not pitch black with red eyes.

A sprinkling of Blown glass Dragonfly's dance playfully through the tree. I have always had a fascination with them, and they have a new special meaning now that my daughter attends Dragonfly Academy.

Not sure what project I will get into next. I really really wanted to paint the powder room now that I have finally picked out a set of colors, only to find out that colors I selected are no longer stock colors and would need to be computer matched to mix... Apparently someone in the paint department had no clue that it was going to take me 2 months to decide on two shades of gray.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Lovely....I love the fluffy birds and the glass, beautiful combination.


Goneferalinidaho said...

I like your tree, Maybe I'll take a pic of the blue and white themed wreath I made.