Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I finally managed to put away the few Halloween decorations that I had scattered around the new house this year making way for the erection of "the tree". Everything about it seems totally wrong. I know I need to just suck it up and move on, but my internal clock is all catywompus. I think I am in mourning. There was just total unfinished this year for me. I am grieving the loss of Halloween.

Now don't get me wrong I lived vicariously through my Halloween Blog guru's Bean, Rot & Chris just to name a few. I oooe'd and awwww'd over the vast updated blogs, and posts by friends old and new. I squealed with delight as the projects came to completion all the while working on my visions of grandeur. But then to pack it all up and move it without using it, has crushed me.

My business has kept me semi occupied, but it is days like today choosing not to venture out in the first "real snow" when I have downtime that it hits the most. Wrapping up the wooden pumpkins and placing them in their crypts for the next 200 or so days was very difficult but needed to be done.. after all it is December already.

So I was half tempted to decorate the tree with all Halloween decor.. but I lost the vote 3:1. I realized that while I share an amazing love for Halloween with my spouse and my children, that somewhere I went terribly wrong on the path that they have chosen anything other than Halloween to decorate their Christmas tree.

However, I lost the war but not the battle. I might not have gotten Halloween decor, but I got Halloween color! Thats right! I went with an exotic theme to match the family room. Tones of copper and Black. It isn't quite finished, but it is a good start.


Goneferalinidaho said...

That's a decent looking tree. Good colors!

trickortreat said...

How deviously clever of you to sneak the color scheme past everyone! The tree is looking beautiful already.

Angelwick Eden said...

I think I sort of know how you feel. So much love and work goes into Halloween and sometimes it feels like it's all over too fast. No sooner do you open the door to the party/trick or treaters, than you have to close it.

If it weren't for our seven year old we might try for a goth-y/spooky/halloween-y Christmas here at home, but it doesn't feel right to do that to him just yet. Punky and I are enamoured with the idea though. Someday.

Pam Morris said...

hey, I keep my 4 ft tall Halloween tree up year round in my work/studio room along with a bunch of other Halloween treasures I gotta' have with me...maybe you could find a little corner for another tree!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Ah, thanks for the mention. I hear you on the decorations....I am tempted to put up a halloween christmas tree....I am going to learn from you and ask for forgiveness instead of permission. :)


All Together Dead said...

Chris, I am honored to "teach" you something. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Pam... I am working on an entire room, well a closet of a room, the little powder room is going to be Halloween all year... I am just stalled right now because the paint that I picked out has been discontinued... I mean seriously, do they not understand it took me almost 2 months to settle on two shades of gray?