Saturday, January 29, 2011


Me ... bursting through the door, not even taking my shoes or coat off... "Out of my way"

Husband.. ."where are you going"

Me .. " to our room"

Husband ... "SWEET"

Me.. "not for THAT" ripping my item out of my bag and tossing it on the bed

Husband "What is that"

Me.. "isn't it AWESOME"

Husband .. "um yeah, I guess... "

Me... " I LOVE IT"

Husband... "are you going to leave it up all year or just for Halloween"

Me glaring at him with discontent .... " I am not speaking to you the rest of the day"

Husband... "what what did I say?"

seriously doesn't EVERYONE have a black skull pillow for their bed??? I would have bought more if they would have had them...


Goneferalinidaho said...


Pam Morris said...

ha! and it's a lovely pillow!

Anonymous said...

Good choice in decor!

Ghoul Friday said...

It's great because it's subtle. :)Save for Halloween...bah!

Madame Jen said...

I have this same pillow. I sit on it every day to give me a boost while driving in my 63 ford fairlane. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

How did I miss this post! That is awesome!!!


Unknown said...

Awesome pillow and post..i want a pillow like that too now :( lol