Friday, September 11, 2009

Potion, Spell and Voodoo jars in Progress

My hands are tea stained, my lower level has been turned upside down and is serving as my "workspace" corks, bottles, labels, glue, gadgets and more... photos are some "in the works" projects....above is my first attempt at Jellyfish stingers... unhappy with the amount of "stingers" hot glue strands in the bottle will most likely redo the bottle... the jar is an old glass McCormick spice jar.
Dried Tapeworms is a bunch of multi colored yarn strands-no need for a cork, they are not going anywhwere.
my first try at a Dragon embryo in a jar... gone bad... so I think this one is going to be labeled "Experiment Gone Wrong"

Spice Rack I picked up at yard sale for a buck, sprayed the rack with flat black paint. Need to get the labels done... Left to Right
Blue-laundry detergent will be Ghost Tears
Purple-hair gel will be Goblin Slime
Pink-robbed some glittery body spray from my 8 year old will be Essence of Fairy
White -is clear aloe with pearl beads inside, will be Infatuation
Dark blue is Distilled water and lots of blue food color will be Squid Ink
Red is corn syrup with red food color will be Dragons Blood

My first attempt at Voodoo Jars....simply flat black spray and some old corks. The center bottle is an old vinegar bottle that I sprayed the lid black and glued on a little plastic skull $1 for a bag of 9 at the Dollar Tree store. I salvaged the netting bag the skulls came in and wrapped it over the bottle of the bottom then secured it with wrapped twine up the neck. Inside is a package of black slime that I found in the toy section of the Dollar General store the label for this bottle will be Essence of Death... I just LOVE the way the slime slides around in the jar.

Another old spice rack waiting on labels, my version of a poison apple under glass, some more old bottles and what nots...


Ken said...

Looking great!

All Together Dead said...

yes it is getting there... and I am proud to say the clerk at one of my favorite second hand haunts told me yesterday that I no longer needed to come in every 2 days to see what new glassware they had gotten new in, that they were just going to put them in a box for me to come in once a week, giggle....