Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Hidden TP Pumpkin

OK, so every year I find the "stuff"... What is the "stuff" you ask? Well the "stuff" is a handful of crafty supplies that Elaina Mae was given at her 1st grade Halloween Party. The mom in charge pre-cut everything and then the kids were shown how to put it together and make them to take home. Every year, I pull out the "stuff" as Elaina calls it, she puts it together, it sits until the Dark Holiday has passed, she unwraps it, folds it neatly, we put it away and then pull it out and start all over again the next year.

I must also say this is the ONLY level of decorating that she participates in, but for her, it is not just tradition it is a "routine".

Step one gather all the necessary "Stuff" :Fabric of your choice, a stick, pipe cleaner, piece of green felt cut into the shape of a leaf, single roll of TP, and one of the cutest little kiddos you can possibly find...

"The Stuff"

Next smooth out the fabric of your choice... notice the big cheesy "you are going to put this photo up on your blog right??" smile.

begin tucking in the loose edges into the top of the roll as you wrap it up.

after you get it all tucked in, put the pipe cleaner in the opening and the little felt leaf and use the stick to push it down in and hold everything in place... you might have to tug the little leaf out a bit to get the "look" you want and wind up the pipe cleaner a bit.. so easy a 10 year old can do it!

This year our TP pumpkin is in the powder room that is still not painted... remember when I picked out paint... still picked out, just haven't had time to paint ... it is on the list to be completed before the party on the 22nd of next month... I am convinced it will get done...

This year our little satin pumpkin gains a couple of friends "Sir Thomas" the mouse and "Wanda" the witch.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I am so going to do that to all the TP in the workshop!! :D


All Together Dead said...

you know that would be a good idea, all different types of fabrics then pile them in a basket.... want me to send you the 10 year old to help out???