Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wicked Wanda's Witch Shoppe

Fine Spells & Potions. Formerly known as the "catch all"
counter top in my mud room coming in off of the back deck.

Modeled slightly after the Evil Queen in Snow White, complete with Magic Mirror and Poison Apple. Everyone needs a little poison apple in their apothecary cabinet right?

Poison Apple label reads:
"Poison Apples are a specialty item use to assassinate.
Apples will kill any non-essential body with just one bite,
no matter what even if the target is immune to poison.
Once eaten there is no way to resist, cure or dispel it. "

And a Shrinking Experiment, Baby Frog, Some Blow Flies, Devitalized Energy
and a bottle of Glittering Essence of course.

You will notice that Wanda prefers only premium potion ingredients. Especially those in her cabinet from the 13 Raven's Collection of Deadspider. (Some of the first ever selected and hence a leading authority on all things for a witch's kitchen. Secondary, Black Cat Magic Company, and of course the house specialties of All Together Dead.

Hand dipped candle in a vintage holder
(great little thrift store find a couple of summers ago....with the mirror which was only $3 itself, and a few other treasures )Betrayal, Mouse Moths, & Enchantment.

Elixir of Life, Cadaver Parasites, Snail Eggs & Pixie Dust.

These little glazed poseable ceramic skellies are actually candle holders.. so they will have little battery operated flicker candles in them for the big event....

There is even a very large glow in the dark spider web with yet another very over sized giant black spider keeping watch over the place while Wanda is off shopping for a new hat.


Sarah E. Jahier said...

So amazing! I love it!

Madame Jen said...

Nice display.

All Together Dead said...

Thank you... Looking forward to posting photos once the lights are changed

Pam Morris said...

it looks great!