Monday, October 24, 2011

All Together Dead Event 2011 Barn Decor

This is our first event at the new house. We have a new space (10 stall barn) that we were able to utilize into a party space. After lots of work it turned out pretty good. When you walked into the door to the left you were greeted by a coffin and a few shelves with some potion bottles on them. I love these shelves from our "Season of the Witch" event a couple of years ago.

Next to the Shelves was the "Dead Man's Chest" filled with all of the different beers.

And next to the chest was our makeshift bar area... previously known as one of my work shop shelves.

and our Beverage Reaper watched over our the water and soda area all night long.

The view down the center of the barn. We walled off the stalls (empty barn by the way, needs redone, no animals in here other than the barn owl normally).

24 feet of tables on the right reserved for food, round tables down the left for guests. The white fabric above is that 20 foot ghost I blogged about a while back, he is facing the rear of the barn to greet guests coming in from the fire pit out back...

and the ghost view from the rear

The view to the right as you came in were a few more tables, and our DJ tucked away in the corner next to the giant reaper scarecrow that hid our Voting "BOO"th.

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wicKED said...

Now that is a party spread! Hoedown in a haunted barn!