Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome SHOTS

These were our "welcome shots"
also makes a great punch

Vampire Blood
2 QTs Cranberry Raspberry Juice
(you can use Cranberry, Cranberry Juice Cocktail etc, I prefer a little more on the sweeter side)
1 QT 7 up
Float Grenadine for "blood effect"

If making a punch, you can always just place the vodka bottle on the side as those preferring a non alch version can still enjoy the beverage.

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Very cool.

we had a zombie theme party one year and served shots in test tubes and syringes to give that fun effect of the virus etc.

Also one year we found Vampyr Vodka. It turned your mouth red when you did shots of it. HAven't found it since then. That was a few years back