Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and I thoguht I was a true Munster Fan....

Above photo is from 1964 a shot of the Munster House. I remember sprawling out on the living room floor with my uncle who was just a few years older than me at my grandmother's house glued to the TV everytime the show was on. Craig and I would bet on things we thought we would see in the upcoming episode. How many times would they show Spot the Dragon was one of our favorite.

In the days before video taping, DVD's and pausing live television we used to run and fight over the bathroom during commercial breaks so we wouldn't miss an ounce of entertainment. I remember being so angry once because my older brother had a band competition we attended and I missed an episode. I was furious. I didn't speak to my parents for 3 days. Unlike today where we can record and watch later, or even have repeat episodes at almost any given time of the night. Such trivial things that my children will never have to worry about.

I thought Eddie Munster (played by Butch Patrick) was dreamy. I was most certainly sure I was going to grow up marry him and together we would care for Spot. Overall I thought I was a pretty loyal fan... until today... today I came across a Youtube video today of a full replica Munster Mansion that Sandra McKee and her husband have built and maintain in Texas.

Down to the detail an electric chair in the living room, Grandpa's dungeon, the haunted tree in the front yard, the kitchen and Eddie's room with a secret door. I LOVE IT. Wish I lived closer, I would camp out in line to tour it when they open it around Halloween Night.

Restored today Munster House at Universal Studios

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Me and my husband always talked about rebuilding a Munsters house we could live in.. and I told him that would be great cause then I would never have to clean. But we saw this remake house already built a while back and it made us sad we didnt get to do it first. Although I dont think that would stop us ha ha. I want a Dragula as well.

I have Lily Munster tattoo'd on my arm! The Munsters rule!

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