Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I also found

some fantastic serving pieces for my food and candy buffets.
All of the silver and copper pieces are brand new and were still in their boxes.

This is a close up of a set of 7 black glass bowls that I found. I plan on using them on the candy buffet table. They have a really neat pattern to them, reminded me of straw. The little lady bug is perched on top of silver tarnished mirror top cake stand that is 15" in diameter. Miss bug will become part of My nieces bow on her Birthday gift next month.. her nic name is Ladybug. There is also a small glass candy jar behind Miss bug.. hard to see.

This is a beautiful copper 2 qt. serving piece. Inside there is a glass pyrex dish.
Very ornate attention to detail.

I picked up two of these 3 qt. Serving stands. Like the oval they also have glass pyrex dishes inside of them. They are taller, silver plated. Notice the two crystals hanging. Both came with complete sets to dangle all the way around them. I am not sure If I will use them or not this year. The cake stand matches the design on these, sadly the crystals were missing for it.

Lastly in this set I found this really great ceramic pitcher. It is filled with floral foam so I can only imagine at some point it was filled with plastic flowers like you would find at your grandmothers house. I do plan on cleaning it up, giving it a new coat of paint and putting my own decrepit floral arrangement in it. I might even put my signature skull logo on the center of the front...

In the top photo this pitcher is sitting in the last of the silver serving pieces. It is a 1 qt. baker with sliver stand. It was missing the top cover, but I couldn't leave it all alone.

You can also see the silver platter in the top photo. All in all a good group of items. And yes, there is still more to tell you about... muhahhaahhahhah


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Very cool pieces!! And there is more! Really?!?! How come I never find thigs this good? :D

Thanks for sharing.


Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool!!!!

Ghoul Friday said...

The detailing on these pieces are wonderful. Fantastic find ;)