Friday, September 17, 2010

Test Run on the Candy Buffet

Ok, so this is just a miniature version. Yes I know, it is very plain, but I just couldn't stand all of these little jars that I have begun to acquire sitting on the bar starring at me empty any longer. So I caved and ran out and bought a handful of candy to "test run" a small sample of what I am wanting to put together for the big event. A kiosk of an idea if you will. I even plan to decorate the majority of the jars with accents, ribbon and maybe even hand paint one or two of them if I can manage to find the time before the party.

Now I don't know what is worse the feeling I got walking by the empty jars over the past few weeks, or the urge not to devour every ounce of pure sugar delight that is screaming my name every time I walk past....

I need to make some creative labels for these too... can not have an unlabeled potion or candy jar in this witches house. It would be a sin. Stay tuned.


suzanne said...

Heheheh! I have the same problem. Each October I fill jars with various treats, and each year they spend most of the time empty. Candy doesn't seem to have a long shelf life in our house. :/

Little Messy Missy said...

So sweet!!! What a great idea!