Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thrift Store Treasures

While perusing my favorite thrift store today I came across a few handy was green and blue tag half off day... so for me a DOUBLE SCORE! I found 3 items in particular, the first a sterling stand I originally thought I would give this little guy an instant black coat of paint when I spotted him down the isle, but after picking it up and seeing the ornate pattern on the top I think I will just leave it alone. I can see a nice black glittery skull atop him in no time. And yes, you are correct the price on the bottom says $.60 but since it was half off day that little stand cost me a mere $.30 today.

The second item is a little 1970's 6 jar spice rack. This item will in fact get a nice coat of black paint on the wood and lids, and a nice set of witch labels added to the jars. And some nifty items inside. Price tag $1.50, half price $.75 today!

Lastly this brilliant Silver ornate cross with a faux amythest stone in the center... I might try to pluck that stone off and clean it up a bit then again I might leave it alone. It will make a nice addition to either my costume or one of my displays. I can almost vison it inside of a "Creature Survival Kit" .... hint... hint.... This item was $5.00 WELL worth it.

So there you have it for $6.05 my deals of the day... I couldn't be more pleased.


Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

I am insanely jealous!! Great finds!

Sarah E. Jahier said...

I ditto Nicole's comment!

Beautiful finds!!