Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Extra unwanted Halloween decoration

Red cinnamon wax all over the floor, end table, Nintendo DS, hardwood floor, and rug....nice blood effect, however UNWANTED additional Halloween decoration.... how did it get there you ask???? The wee kitten Oliver... pure accident, he was highly fascinated by my new witch broom prop, so much so that his over excitement knocked the heavy item over, onto the end table that flipped the magazines up and knocked over the jar candle that was burning for about 8 hours. Ungood... now keep in mind the photo above was taken about an hour into the "cleaning process" so most of the horror has already been removed.

How do you remove wax you ask? Well, let me tell you on upholstery the ice method does not work and scrapping it only grinds it into the fabric more. Instead, get some old cotton shirts and your clothing iron. Set the iron to the highest setting, don't worry about your fabric the old shirts will take the brunt of the heat, if you are worried, test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Once the iron is hot, lay an old shirt out over the wax and iron away, lifting to check your progress, the iron will reheat the wax and the shirt will absorb it. Keep moving the shirt around to place fresh fabric over the wax until it is all removed, taking care not to reapply the wax to another area of your upholstery.

End result after a while, a smooth wax free sectional again! THANK GOODNESS. Mental note to self, keep all burning candles away from Broom Prop....

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