Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thank you to Jeanne of The Candy Corn Chronicles for sharing such a great award with me. Please swing by her blog for fantastic Halloween Inspiration and say hi.

The official guidelines of this award are as follows:
1. Share 10 Honest things about myself
2. Share this award with 7 others who have encouraged me or that I have found their blogs brilliant in content or design.
3. Let them know of the award and guidelines.

So HERE we go.... 10 Honest things about me.
1. I am scared to death my son is going to go into the Marines when he graduates from high school in the Spring.
2. I steal all of the Tootsie Rolls out of my daughters sack from Trick or Treat and Parades.
3. I cried when E.R. aired it's final episode,
4. I was the lead in my 3rd grade Thanksgiving play in grade school playing a teacher. The only thing I remember about it was that I was a teacher and my hair had to be sprayed white.
5. I have never cleaned a litter box in my life (husband's job)
6. My favorite place at the zoo is the Pachyderm building with the Elephants and Hippos.
7. I love to bake, but hate the clean up. Cheesecakes are my signature desert.
8. I have a small zoo. 3 Boxers (Lola, Dempsey, Voodoo) 3 Felines (Miles, Krishna, Oliver)
and one hamster (Kinshi)
9. I am a night owl and absolutely hate the mornings.
10. I collect pottery.

That wasn't so painful now was it...

Now as far as choosing 7 of you to bestow such an honor, I agree with Jeanne, there are WAY too many of you that I find awe inspiring and I haven't even begun to explore the depths of some of my new followers yet, so I am sharing this with all of my readers. If you haven't taken it already for yourself, congratulations. If you have already taken it, by all means feel free to claim it again and share some new things with us about yourself. Wear the honor with pride and by all means keep on blogging! Also, please be kind and leave me a comment with your blog link so the rest of the world may swing by for a visit!

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Jeanne said...

Enjoyed reading your 10 things. Interesting how so many of us like to bake.....