Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's almost here....

Can you smell it? Can you feel it... I have patiently waited for Indian Summer to arrive and I honestly believe it is creeping up on us as I type here in North East Ohio. The skies are sunny, there is a gentle breeze, the furnace hasn't kicked on in almost an entire day. I have the kitchen window cracked open and the intoxicating smell of the fall maple leaves outside in my yard is dancing with the smell of fresh baked pumpkin from my kitchen and oven.

The pie is on the counter cooling already and the pumpkin roll sheets are almost done. Just enough time to type a quick little tickled black message.

The weather here has been horrible the last 3 weeks. So much so that none of my mums have bloomed yet, but I can tell today that after the sun from yesterday and the warm weather in the forecast, their deep orange color is going to flag my entire yard for the haunt on Saturday. I am going to try and finish up all of my bake ahead recipes today so that I can spend the majority of Wednesday outside re-arranging the twigs, black lights, and putting the graveyard back together from the very windy week we had last week. Frank has been face down in the dirt and I think it is about time he finds himself back upright. It is going to be a fantastic whimsical week that will end with a spooktacular dark holiday get together with our closest friends on Saturday evening, an extended hour of daylight savings time, and a super anniversary day on Sunday.

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