Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Market Halloween Sale

If you don't have a World Market close, there is still time to shop online, up to 50% off some of their Halloween items... I have the cute little owl....and am contemplating the martini and highball glasses....Link above will open up their Halloween sale page as of today.


luna petunia said...

Love the little owl! Great find.
Love from Luna at Spelled With a W

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh, I love shopping online...thanks for the tip. Where did I put my credit card :D


luna petunia said...

I want to know about the picture over to the right. The one with the lamp, the twiggy branch & the birds. It is precious. Did you do it? What are the birds made of?

All Together Dead said...

Yes Miss Luna, that photo is from our Halloween party in 2008. The theme was "The Birds" the twigs are just fallen maple twigs from our yard leaning up against the corner of teh room behind the lamp. The lamp has a soft amber bulb in it and the birds are just foam based ravens that are covered in black dyed chicken feathers.
We had over 500 birds scattered throughout the house that year. Thank you for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

please help me, i had 6 little owl and crescent moon tea light candle holders on a yard stake i bought at world market and they got stolen this halloween.
If anyone has just 1 i can have some more made.
world market doesn't carry them any longer and can't get me one.
If I can buy one from somebody i can have some made by a local artist.
please help me find one. call me at 252-291-9468. i will pay to buy one from you or your readers. thank you so much, i loved my little owl candle holders

Anonymous said...

my email is or call me, max patterson at 252-291-9468.
if you want to sell me one of your owl and crescent moon teal light candle holder on yard stake.
thanks everyone,