Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stairway Banister Deco....

With only 17 days to go until our bash I am very quickly realizing I am so running out of time, everything else with daily life is taking priority away from my decorating and well frankly I am just not very pleased about it... However, I did manage to get a few more things up yesterday including the banister decorations. Above is the arrangement for the lower level. The black fabric is none other than black landscaping fabric, I LOVE the texture it has and for $12.99 for 50 feet, you can't go wrong. The arrangement is simply made up of 3 orange tipped black roses, some black ostrich feathers, decorative orange ribbon with spiders and webbing on it and a black tassel dangling from the bottom to which dear Oliver just is tickled black that I added, it keeps him busy for at least an hour or so a day. The arrangement is at the top and bottom of the stairwell. (Notice my messy bar in the background... not having a studio it has become my "work space" as we prep for the dark holiday.
Our Psychic is going to be in the upper level where we can close her off so she can focus on her readings and tarot cards without other "interference". So leading up to this level we used the same black landscaping fabric, but this time added some little buckies hung from their necks a black and white striped bow and another black tassel... I am a tassel fiend....

A couple of poofs up I inserted some little hanging ghouls that I found at the Dollar Tree... A BUCK people... how can you go wrong... I am going to hang my large wooden "The Witch Is In" sign on this wall which JT just freshly painted in a nice warm chocolate truffle color a couple of days ago..

All in all price breakdown for 2 stairways
Landscaping Fabric $12.99 Donzells
Buckies set of 4 1.00 Dollar Tree
Ribbon 3 rolls 3.00 Dollar Tree
Roses 6 total 6.00 Walmart
Ostrich Feathers Pkg 3.98 JoAnn Fabric
Ghouls 2 2.00 Dollar Tree

Total for 2 staircases $28.97 and I have about a third of the fabric left to cover the witch's table with....


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Thanks for sharing your techniques for decorating. These are great ideas! Love the use of inexpensive landscape fabric!!!!


merricat said...
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